Ending it Old School

by aliquaranta

This clip from the movie “Old School” shows how unrecognized the issue of hazing is. We watch people experience hazing on TV, in movies, and even in our own lives. Hazing is such a significant issue that needs to be addressed because it damages people’s lives physically as well as emotionally. However, the issue is laughed off. In the media hazing is used to provide entertainment and to make people laugh. Like in this scene from Old School. They made the scene comical, which ultimately shapes our views on the issue. They present it as funny, so we perceive it as funny (as long as it’s not happening to ourselves). We watch it as if it’s something comical, but in reality it’s something so much more than that. Hazing damages lives and the issue needs to be dealt with.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJMXxv-hYPo