Drying Our Emotions

by aliquaranta


You walk into the sorority house. “Take off your clothes,” she said. “Sit on the dryer machine,” she said.  You glance over and see her grab a permanent marker. As you sit there she screams at you, circling the specific places on your body that she claims you need to lose weight in. She calls you fat, and she sees your flaws. You feel defeated, you feel vulnerable. This hazing incident is not a rumor, but a true story of a friend’s experience. This experience still resonates with her and it is shown when she tears up as she discusses the incident. Adolescents are vulnerable and hazing takes advantage of these vulnerabilities for the purpose of entertainment and tradition. Hazing damages the mental state of those who experience it. Many people struggle with psychological issues and hazing reinforces those insecurities. Hazing causes self-doubt and low self-esteem and it contributes to depression and eating disorders. Wouldn’t you feel bad about yourself if your so-called “friends” yelled at you and called you fat? Wouldn’t you have psychological issues? It damages our emotions and this can cause serious issues in the future. We put people down for our own benefits, but we don’t consider the damage it has on other people. We want to call these people our sisters, our brothers, and our best friends, but how can we when they torture us in the process of becoming their friends?

Source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/dryers