“You Can’t Sit With Us”

by aliquaranta


“You can’t sit with us.” When you hear this statement what do you think of? Let me guess, Mean Girls. Most adolescents in America can recognize this quote. However, what most people don’t realize is how strong of an impact this quote can have on adolescents. According to Elizabeth Allan, Ph.D and Mary Madden, Ph.D, 9/10 students who have experienced hazing in college do not consider themselves to have been hazed. Mean Girls demonstrates a perfect example of high school hazing. And instead of recognizing the negative effect hazing has in the movie, teens quote it on a daily basis. Fact, “1.5 million high school students are hazed every year and 47% of students go into college already having experienced hazing” (Allan, Ph.D, Madden, Ph.D). Hazing is a common trend that many people now associate with severe injuries and even death.  In the past year there have been at least two recorded deaths from hazing. Many people find hazing to be amusing, but do they really consider the consequences of their actions?

Source:  http://www.writingwithwine.com/tag/mean-girls/