Nope, Not Me

by aliquaranta


55% of college students involved in clubs, teams and organizations experience hazing (Allan & Madden). I can imagine most of you have sympathy towards people and their families who are damaged by hazing. I can also imagine most of you don’t believe it can actually happen to you. As of February 12, 2010 there were 96 recorded hazing related deaths in fraternities and sororities, and the number is only growing (Allan & Madden). There is no telling what can happen in the future. One day you might be running around your college campus in your underwear. Another day you might be told to drink until you vomit. The days vary, but all it takes is one small mistake and your life can vanish right before your eyes. We all think the bad things in life can’t happen to us until they do. Most people go through life with this idealistic mentality. But there is always a risk that you could be that one member who just cannot make it. Do you want to risk the consequences? Many of you are probably thinking, “I went through hazing and I’m fine.” Well what about the kids who couldn’t make it through hazing like George Desdunes. What about the people who are affected by hazing and carry these haunting memories with them for the rest of their lives? We can risk our own lives, but is it really fair to risk other people’s lives? While it may not happen to you, it can happen to your brothers and sisters, your cousins, your best friends and your other peers. The next time you are hazing a pledge, think about what could happen if they were to drink too much or could not handle the tasks they were required to do. Consider the consequences of their lives and imagine how you would feel if you were responsible for their death.